Friday, April 10, 2009

Quick start!

T-Dub killed it on floor. Six-for-six. Great start! Awesome routine by senior tri-captain Amie Boles. Here are the Pioneers' individual scores on floor:

Tonya Pipkorn 9.700
Mollie Blessing 9.700
Caroline Hilpisch 9.650
Rashonda Cannie 9.725
Amie Boles 9.800
Keri Miller 9.425

The Pioneers' team floor score was 48.575, their second-highest of the year!

Team scores after the first rotation:

TWU 48.575
William and Mary 48.125
Cornell 48.050
Bridgeport 46.775

On to vault!

1 comment:

Spencer said...

So proud, excited, and nervous. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the updates that we're anxiously awaiting. Go TWU!