Thursday, May 21, 2009

New floor

When the salvage company arrived yesterday morning, I immediately went downstairs from my office to the arena. I wanted to see that first swing of the sledge hammer as the process of removing the arena floor began. The workers hit that wood with all kinds of tools and it was loud. Bam! Pop! Crack! They pried the planks off the runners, exposed nails, and started piling up the wood that would soon be hauled off. I walked over to the supervisor and asked for a couple of pieces and he obliged. He even took out the nails.

Why is this exciting? Because a new floor is being installed in Magee Arena this summer! That means a new surface and a chance to design a new paint scheme for the main court. It means a state-of-the-art floor for TWU students. And a home court advantage!

The only downside is that the camps that would normally host in the gym are on hiatus this summer. That's a big ouch in the pocketbook because we depend on the revenue from camps - both our own and outside clients - to fund our student-athlete scholarships.

So it's great to see this project finally start. Naveen is posting photos on the web site to show the progress so make sure you visit often. You're gonna love the look!

But we also need your help. If you haven't already done so, please make a contribution to the Pioneer Athletics Fund Drive to help fund scholarships for the wonderful young women who are outstanding students and athletes. You can give online - click on "Giving to Athletics" in the lefthand menu on

If you've made your contribution this year, please accept a big "Thank You" with the same loud, banging clap that we're hearing in the construction area right now!