Friday, April 10, 2009

Finals night!

Our Pioneer ninjas just arrived at Moore Field House for tonight's team finals of the 2009 USA Gymnastics Collegiate National Championships. Open stretch starts in about twenty minutes. The team looks relaxed, ready to go, and of course, resplendent in their gold. All of our girls have their hair painted gold, as TWU gymnastics tradition dictates. They also have the gold flowers that they carry with them during march in. For one night only, gold has become part of the color scheme for Texas Woman's University. Fine by me.


Jill Shanks said...


Go TWU!!!!!!

X, J :)

Jill Parker Bitty's mama said...

It is almost 5:00 in the Rockies.. Almost 7:00...TWU Championship time
GO GO GO GO PIONEERS.... Stick it to WIN IT!!! Britty's mamacita!