Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome to the TWU Athletics Blog

The TWU Athletics department has officially joined the blog-o-sphere!

As of right now, all of the blog posts will come directly from the cluttered brain of Mr. Jeff Bowerman (that's me - the Asst. AD for Marketing/Operations for the Pioneers). After I make sure we get all the kinks worked out on this new toy I'm going to add users. You'll soon be hearing from Naveen Boppana (our new Asst. AD for Sports Information), Chalese Connors (our AD - can't leave out the boss), and, eventually, our five Pioneer head coaches - Fleur Benatar (soccer), Shelly Barberee (volleyball), Beth Jillson (basketball), Frank "The General" Kudlac (gymnastics) and Richie Bruister (softball).

Ultimately what I want to do is create a blog for all five of our sports teams. Then the coaches and student-athletes for each sport could post their own blog-friendly thoughts.

Hopefully all of our Pioneer fans will get in the habit of checking this blog. This is where you are going to find a less formal (but maybe more insightful) take on all things TWU Athletics.

So what's going on tonight in the Pioneer nation? Not a lot; it's a rare slow Friday. Our Pioneer ninjas (that's what I call our gymnastics team - come watch a meet, you'll see why the name fits) traveled to Normal, Illinois and Illinois State University earlier today. They are getting ready to compete in the 2009 MIC Championship tomorrow (Saturday, Mar. 21) at 4:00 p.m. I talked to Lisa Klein (our Assistant Gymnastics Coach) a couple of hours ago (we talk a lot actually HA) and she said the coaches and team were getting ready to head out for a pregame meal. Should be a relaxing night for The General's Army - dinner, team meeting, lights out. We won the 2006 MIC title but finished fourth in both 07 and 08. Hopefully we'll have a good showing tomorrow. SEMO should be the favorite (they are the top-ranked team in the conference), but don't sleep on the Pioneers. Our team has been steadily improving all season long, and, if we hit like we're capable of, then we can definitely win another conference crown. Hey - you can watch the meet online at Be sure to check out the webcast if you are by the computer.

That's it for now. Bookmark this blog as a favorite. I'll do my best to keep fresh stuff on here. E-mail comments, concerns, questions, etc. to me at

See you down the dusty trail!

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