Sunday, September 13, 2009

Rain, rain, go away

Usually we're praying for rain. But we've had so much in the past week that I'm actually wishing that the radar screen would clear out. No more huge green masses with steady rain coming through north central Texas please. It's the hill country, down by San Antonio, that's in a drought.

The weatherman has had an easy time of it. Even I could put out an accurate forecast with the weather system we're sitting in right now.

But I should have known it would rain this weekend. It was the start of the fall softball season! So we got rained out on Saturday and postponed the debut of our newly refurbished backstop and dugouts. You must come see how fan friendly we've made Pioneer Field!

The rain didn't stop soccer from playing though. We got through Friday with a victory over the other T-Dub - Texas Wesleyan. And we played... sloshed... slid... waded through a hard-fought match against #15 St. Ed's on Sunday afternoon. Our team denied them a goal on 25 shots in regulation! Great defense, ladies! But it didn't end in our favor unfortunately. The ball rebounded around the box and SEU knocked it in just over minute into overtime. Tough break.

Besides my shoes, the rain has soaked the Pioneer Golf Course too so we've rescheduled our Round of Thanks golf scramble for our corporate sponsors until the 21st. It's supposed to quit raining in a couple of days and then get sunny. We need everything to dry out!

But the rain is good in many ways including less money spent on watering the fields.


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