Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not quite driving in the slow lane

First of all, let me post a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Beth and Zane Jillson on the arrival of beautiful Madison Grace last week! Welcome to the Pioneer family, sweet baby girl!

So I'm at a couple of functions last week and I get asked a few times by different folks if I'm enjoying my "down time" this summer. I smile and say that we're humming right along and that there really isn't any down time. The pace may not be fast and furious, but we're definitely not driving in the slow lane. The parking on campus is better and weekends are not cluttered with home events, but preparations are well underway for 2009-10. Before you know it, the Soccer and Volleyball student-athletes will be here for preseason and Student-Athlete Orientation. There's lots to do!

Yes, the front office staff can take some vacation days and many of us head to conventions and seminars. The office suite is quieter somewhat since most of the staff doesn't have to keep office hours in the summer. Except for basketball, all the coaches are off...but they really aren't off completely. They still pop in and out of the office. They recruit...and conduct summer camps...and recruit...and come to campus when their freshmen are here for Orientation.

As for camps, Gymnastics, Soccer and Softball camps have been great! We're not busy in Pioneer Hall because of the arena floor renovation. Normally this building would be a beehive of activity with Basketball camp, Volleyball camp and other outside camps like Point Guard College. But instead it's teeming with roofers, construction workers, floor installers, electricians, and until recently, the guys from Restoration Specialists. There were fans everywhere drying out the carpets, baseboards, ceiling tiles and sheetrock from the water damage Pioneer Hall incurred on June 10th. That's when those freakishly high 70-80 mph winds blew in with that massive thunderstorm and ripped up some of the roof and allowed it to rain inside the building! Thank goodness the new maple floor had not been delivered yet. The roof over the arena was secure anyway but I'm extremely thankful that Kitty Magee Arena was empty. We're drying out and I heard yesterday that we're getting new carpet. I guess there's a silver lining.

Not only is Pioneer Hall a mess, there is also work going on down at Pioneer Softball Field as we replace the backstop and do a few more renovations with the dugout protective fencing/netting. When this project is complete, it's really going to enhance our already gorgeous facility even more. I can't wait to show it off!

So while our wonderful Facility Manager Beth Palmer oversees all the stuff going on in Pioneer Hall, I'm headed to Florida next week with my family for vacation. I guess this constitutes my "down time" for the summer!

Stay cool, everyone!


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